What is SEMRush and how to use it in Digital Marketing

What is SEMRush

hey guys, it's me Sakib and in this one, I want to talk about what is SEMrush and how to use it in digital marketing. so digital marketing doesn't really have to be difficult. there are really challenging parts to digital marketing but if there are tools out there that can help you then why not use it. So that's why we're going to talk about what is SEMrush because I feel like it's a really useful tool for digital marketers.

What is SEMrush

so if you don't already know what is SEMrush it's an awesome SEO tool that helps you do search engine optimization research, track keywords, view competition, run SEO audits, find backlinking opportunities, find it fix SEO issues and a whole lot more. SEMrush is a comprehensive SAS platform that takes care of providing marketers with insights and data to power up the online visibility strategy. so SEMrush normally offers a 7-day free trial.

How important SEMrush in Digital Marketing

So you know you have to keep in mind with digital marketing, it's a trend that's always evolving and it's really hard to keep up with everything. You know people are always wanting to know more information and that's the reason why all these tools can get develop in the first place. And you know in the future is going to keep on you know moving forward and people are going to want to know more and more information. So it's really important to keep track of all the important tools out there and how they're evolving and how your field and it's evolving as well. 
SEM rush comes into play as a tool that offers businesses a way to explore all online competition but then it also helps you see how you're ranking with everybody else as well.

What is SEMRush and how to use it in Digital Marketing
You know use it to just make your job easier. So to get into the finer details SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing like a suite. It can focus on SEO PPC keyword research. You could use it to do an analysis of your competitor's social media content. so on so it's like a lot of things that it could help you discover as a digital marketer. because of that you definitely need to use it to your advantage. 
Now see the importance of it and use it to help you know to reach your goals. So by the numbers, SEMrush has a hundred and forty-plus databases covering regions all across the globe. I think I meant to say 140 million, I'm not sure but there are lots of databases out there that cover regions all across the globe and it can analyze billions of keywords and even backlinks as well. 
so there are over one point eight million users worldwide using SEMrush. So as you can see it's really reputable and people find this tool to be very useful and help them bring in more traffic. So the good thing about SEMrush is that you can choose the tools that you want to populate on your little menu just based on what you need. so if you're only really wanting to focus on say SEO and keywords then you could have it as part of your tool kits or maybe. if you like what - you know hey keep up keep paying attention with your competitors you could add the competitive research toolkit into your menu.

How to use SEMrush in Marketing

Okay so whenever you are on SEMrush you can search your domain or your competitor's domain and you know on the main page you'll excuse me on the main page there'll be a search bar and you just type in the domain in that search bar and then it will pull up the domain and then it gives you a report of that domain. it shows you the keywords the backlinks it shows you if like what keywords are organic or which keywords are paid. You can also do research on keywords and SEMrush will populate a report with all the information based on that keyword. 
So it generates reports for your clients as well or assuming you have clients and you're doing it for a client it generates a report and it's very beneficial for you to show that to your clients because yeah your clients really like to see that sort of things even if they don't understand what the data is showing them. they surely can understand if the graph is going up or if there are some numbers they could understand like Oh a high number is a good thing. so you know just the fact that SEMrush generates reports that you can show to your clients really like that.


okay, so overall SEMrush is really handy. If you are in the field of digital marketing I definitely think it's something that you should look into. I mean if you have a website and you're really trying to generate more traffic to it. you have to be able to understand where you add because understanding where your ad first gives you an idea of which direction you like, which direction you should go, like whether you should maybe go for certain keywords that your competitors are using or you know to see where you are at compared to all your competitors.
It's a great way for you to know how to use SEMrush to find advertising keywords. I'm just finding something that's profitable but anyways definitely try out the 7-day trial FREE here. if you will find it beneficial and then if you do then definitely continue to use it as do I do think it's a really powerful tool and there are lots of different things you could do on it. 

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