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Affiliate marketing is the most popular and profitable way to make money online. how to start affiliate marketing and what is that? everything you learn by keeping reading this article.

I got to know about affiliate marketing in 2015 and I just start earning a decent income from it.

What is Affiliate Marketing? A Step-by-Step Guide, Beginner guide

Now, this affiliate marketing guide I provide you all details about:

  • Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • how Affiliate Marketing Works
  • How to start Affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Terminologies

Ok, Let's Started.

What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works?

Affiliate Marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing. when you refer someone to any product and when he/she buys the product then you get a commission. this Commission varies from  $1 to $10,000 depending on what product you are promoting.

How affiliate marketing works:

  1. Join an affiliate program.
  2. pick a product to promote.
  3. Share the link via Social media, Blog, Youtube, Facebook or any other platforms.
  4. when someone purchases any product from your link you earn an affiliate commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing? A Step-by-Step Guide, Beginner guide

So, in simple words:

Many online Ecomerce companies who sell their product such as shoes, cloth, accessories, Webhosting spaces or some other service, Usually they offer an affiliate program.

Then you join that companies affiliate program and get a unique tracking link.

Now when you writing about their product in a blog or other platforms, you can simply use these tracking affiliate links. if readers/traffic click your affiliate link and buy anything you will get a commission.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for beginners level:

You can start affiliate marketing in many ways. Like here are a few:
  • Create a website and promote a product
  • Paid traffic from facebook and drive it to the landing pages.
  • Create a youtube channel and promote a product
  • Promote the product via podcasting
  • Create mini-website and promote the product via email
Here are steps to get started with affiliate marketing via your website:
  1. start a website
  2. select affiliate platforms and then pick a nice for your website.
  3. choose the product from that website and promote it
  4. Write content for that product on your website
  5. Bring traffic to your website or affiliate post
  6. use Email marketing to collect email of visitors
  7. Focus on bringing more traffic and repeating the whole process.
The reason Create a website is it requires a minimum investment and learn affiliate marketing.this was the most effective way to get success in affiliate marketing. First of all, You must be need a website and create a blog about one unique niche. You have a focus on your affiliate business and smart work grow your business as well ass you must have a dedication to your work then you can success on it.

Affiliate marketing terminologies:

  • Affiliates: Using affiliate program links to promote and sales those products.
  • Affiliate marketplace: There are so many marketplaces. some of them like Shareasale, CJ, Clickbank, and Amazon. those platforms are the most popular and trusted. so you can create an affiliate account and start promoting.
  • Affiliate Software: Affiliate Software used by companies and create an affiliate program for their product.
  • Affiliate Link: Your Affiliate program offers a tracking link to track the progress of your promotion.
  • Affiliate ID: it's similar to the affiliate link, but Affiliate programs give you a unique ID. which you use any page of the product site.
  • Payment System: Different affiliate Platforms give you different methods of payment. Example: cheque, wire transfer, Mastercard, Paypal, and others.
  • Affiliate Manager: Many Affiliate platforms companies have dedicated affiliate managers. affiliate manager helps publishers and give them optimization tips.
  • Commission Percentage: When you sell a product then you will receive a percentage.
  • Two-tier Affiliate marketing: This method you refer someone to join other affiliate programs. when your sub-affiliate makes a sale then you receive a commission. (This is similar multi-level marketing or MLM)
  • Landing pages: When you sell a product on the one-page website or demo page used to increase sales .most of the programs offer to promote on landing page.this is the best way to make more sales.
  • Custom Affiliate income: that was a generic affiliate account, many companies offer custom affiliate income for publishers making most affiliate sales.
  • Link clocking: You can see when you create a product link for an affiliate that links looks ugly. that moment using a link clocking technique.this technique like URL shortener, etc. You can turn the ugly links into a link that the reader can understand.
  • Custom coupons: Many affiliate Programs allow to use of custom coupons.which are also used in track sales. Custom coupons help the publisher to increase more affiliate sales.

What is cookies policy, and how does it help in affiliate marketing?

So whenever you browse any website the browser store information about our preference for example whenever you go to a website you see those pop-ups or you see those cookie consents where you say I accept, but the next time when you visit the website doesn't show the pop-up or the cookie consent, well, that's what the cookie does. It's a tiny file that is stored by your browser. And it's because of the cookies the companies or the affiliate marketplace understand that the sale has come from you.

Now, a cookie has a life span. Like for example, Amazon has a 24-hour cookie. That means when somebody clicks on your affiliate link and if they make the purchase within first 24-hours you get a commission. Many Affiliate Product Offer 30-150 days cookie period. when you click in the link and don't buy anything but re-visit the site in the next 30-150 days you will earn the commission.

Affiliate Marketing: FAQ

First, you understand the basic question of what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Now, let me answer the common question "how much money can make as an affiliate marketer?"

How much money can make as an affiliate marketer?

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn money "limitless". there is so many affiliate marketer who earns millions of dollars a month via affiliate marketing.there are no limit to making money and that's affiliate marketing is the Best platform to money-making.

How important a blog for affiliate promotion?

A blog does not necessarily need, but it's really the best promotional tool. Well, some people always use PPC or advertising methods to promote a product. a blog is another popular method to grow in affiliate marketing. for me, Blog is the best way to make affiliate promotion.

How much cost to join an affiliate program?

There is no cost needed to join an affiliate program.it's totally free to join and your total cost depends on what promotion technique you are using. for example blog post doesn't need any cost it's free to promote a product but PPC marketing, email marketing, and advertising need various price tags.

Qualifications for an Affiliate marketer?

there is no qualification needed to become an affiliate marketer, you have to need good writing skills and marketing skills.

Affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

No.it's not harmful or illegal. it's a legal way to make money online.

How do I find an affiliate Program on any website?

Not all companies offer an affiliate program but some the companies offer affiliate programs.first of all you can check their website footer and find an affiliate program. When searching is sure to read the company's, FAQ Page.

Another way to find the companies affiliate program simply search on google.for Example, Company name+ Affiliate program and then you can find the affiliate program. ShareASale, CJ, Clickbank, and Amazon are free to use.

What is niche and how important for affiliate marketing?

when you create a blog of any topic like beauty, Gadget, etc and those topic call niche. the gadget is a niche and a camera is a sub-niche.

Niche is very important for affiliate marketing.you to have to find a profitable niche to start an affiliate blog.when you chose on topic or niche for your blog that good sing.

Affiliate marketing and AdSense: Can you use both?

Yeah, you can use both in your blog. when you use both in your blog Affiliate Marketing does not 
violate any AdSense TOS. for me affiliate marketing is much better than Adsense.

I hope this little beginner's guide helps you to get start affiliate marketing. if you have any question ask me in the comment section below.

If you find this article informative share it with your family and friends!

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