What is Web Hosting?

We better understand the definition, Web Hosting and let's see what this term means. A Hosting, from the English "host" (host) is a service that allows to have on a web server (or a powerful machine, with important hardware and software resources, connected to the internet) the pages of a website, with associated files such as images, videos, scripts ... and more documents, media and everything accessible from the Internet.

What is Web Hosting

The servers are different from normal computers, the substantial difference being in the type of hardware and software that is installed on it. Who provides a web hosting service ( such as sakib tech tips ), offers individuals, companies, organizations the possibility of having their own website and more generally web application or data, accessible via the Web. Sakib tech tips, as well as other web hosting providers, are companies (or brands) provides dedicated, semi-dedicated or shared space on owned or leased servers.

What exactly is web hosting and why do I need it?

As mentioned above, a website must be located on a webserver to be accessible to all via the internet. Having a web server, creating it, configuring it and above all managing it is not an easy job and obviously requires skills and excellent knowledge, especially in the field of maintenance and security of the same server and the resources that are on it. For these and many other reasons, most developers turn to Web Hosting companies to be able to use resources that they could hardly have on their own and manage independently.

Generally, the first thing you need when you want to have a website is a space on a web server, for this request it is excellent to find out about the purchase of a web hosting plan that can meet your technological and economic needs. Sakib tech tips, for example, offers the possibility of choosing between three shared hosting plans, such as Go, Basic and Business, with differences in price as well as features. In every Web hosting plan, the software is installed that allows you to work quickly and save time, and above all offering interfaces rich in functionality, to have every feature at hand, keeping everything under control, for example, in the case of the control panel.

The control panel we can say that is the heart of a web hosting or an interface from which you can perform all the possible operations, such as connecting to your webspace, create email accounts, create databases and manage them, install programs, check the website statistics and much more. Sakib tech tips with each hosting plan offer its customers the best control panel on the market, or the cPanel, with which you can easily have complete management of every feature of your web hosting plan.

What is Web Hosting?

But a web hosting service is not just software, there are also very important services included that allow developers to work very well. With every web hosting you have access to mail servers with which to have email addresses, to a DBMS server with which to create and manage databases and many other security services such as antivirus, antispam, backup for your data, software for the Seo, software for the automatic installation of php..etc scripts.

Previously we have "bothered" a new term, or "shared hosting"! This term defines the type of web hosting, ie having on a web server on which there are more customers, more hosting spaces that are subdivided in a studied and not problematic way the various resources of the same server, if you buy a shared hosting plan you will have a portion of the server space with certain features and you will share the server's global resources with other customers. This type of web hosting is excellent for most web applications, both in terms of quality and economics.

How to create a professional website using a Web Hosting Plan?

Once you have purchased a web hosting solution, you will have the base from which to build your website, that is you will have all the server-side needed to design and have your website online, you will miss choosing only a domain name for your site. A domain name is simply a name, which uniquely identifies a website. By uniquely identifying a website, it means that a domain will be unique and will represent, for all to see, your website on the internet, so many things can be said about domain names and certainly the discussion will be deepened in a specific next article.
In conclusion…

What is Web Hosting?

Having made a little more clarity on what a Web Hosting is and on what server to have an online website, professional, easy to manage and working, we suggest you take a look at Bluehost web hosting plans, including all the best features and even domain registration included. Starting with the Go plan, you will have the opportunity to create your website in the way that you prefer without additional costs and management problems. You will also have dedicated assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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