The best WordPress photo gallery plugins (2019 edition)

Pictures of your last vacation. Visuals of your e-commerce products. Your most beautiful drawings. A selection of your magnificent graphic creations.

So many elements that you might like to highlight on your WordPress site so that they attract the eye and make you want to contemplate them a little longer?


Easy, with a photo gallery.

That being said, you may be wondering how to proceed to create it. We have selected 11 smart plugins to create your WordPress photo galleries!

Executive Summary

 1. Why choose a photo gallery plugin on WordPress?

 2. The 11 WordPress photo gallery plugins to consider

  • Envira Gallery
  • Photo Gallery by 10Web
  • Justified Gallery
  • FooGallery
  • Everest Gallery
  • PortFolio Gallery
  • NextGEN Gallery
  • Gmedia Photo Gallery
  • GT3 Gallery
  • Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid
  • Modula Photo Gallery

3. So, which WordPress photo gallery plugin to choose?

Why choose a photo gallery plugin on WordPress?

I see you coming from here:
"But come on, there are already possibilities to create photo galleries on WordPress, natively!"


However, if you are like me a WordPress user who is not committed to HTML/CSS code, I can assure you that you benefit from using a photo gallery plugin.

Whether you are operating in Gutenberg mode, or with the classic WordPress editor, the customization options of your photo gallery are limited to selecting your visuals, organizing them in the gallery, and adding descriptions. Basta.

In fact, for the rest, the stylization of your photo gallery will depend eminently on your theme... and therefore, either on your ability to enter the code or on your page builder if you use one.

If you run without a plugin, you will be limited enough to:

  • Check the borders, margins, shadows of your photo gallery
  • Set up fairly dynamic overflight effects
  • Customize the Lightbox feature (opening it in a pop-up that enlarges the photo)
  • Automatically classify your visuals according to precise criteria (labels, categories, etc.) 
In short, with a plugin, as often, you make your life easier! If you choose the right extension, which will not affect the performance of your site, and which is not too much of a gas plant, you will undoubtedly be delighted.

And since we think of you, and we're nice, we've put together a small special WPMarmite selection of WordPress photo gallery plugins. Don't thank us, it's done with the heart 😊

The 11 WordPress photo gallery plugins to consider

Whatever your photo gallery project, we have selected plugins with little onions, to make a well-informed choice before you start. Let's do it! Let's do it!

Envira Gallery

We start this selection with the Envira Gallery plugin, which will not envy anything (...) to the other extensions of the list.

With a very intuitive and fluid drag-and-drop interface, the free version of Envira Gallery already allows you to achieve well-customized photo gallery results.

You can choose the basic features from it, namely:

  • The number of columns on which the images are displayed
  • The size of these images
  • Margins and borders
  • The Lightbox functionality

We appreciate the Lazy Loading that the plugin offers, which allows you to load images more quickly for your visitors, and has a very aesthetic dynamic effect.

The little something extra? A dedicated Gutenberg block, which allows you to easily access all the galleries you have created in no time at all.

 Envira Gallery plugin free version

If you choose the Pro version, other features may well appeal to you:
  • The ability to import your photos from Instagram, ideal for bloggers or influencers

  • Videos included in the galleries

  • The social sharing buttons to position directly on your photos
And that's not to mention the multiple add-ons included in the Pro version, which can allow you to import your photos from Dropbox, Pinterest, add a watermark on your visuals, protect them by password, or sell them directly via WooCommerce.

If you are a photographer, there is no photo: Envira Gallery will probably make you want to.

Price of the Pro plugin: from 29$ (about 2455Tk)

Photo Gallery by 10Web

Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery

Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery

With 10Web's Photo Gallery plugin, you will be surprised at the number of features available in the free version.

If the basic options of a WordPress photo gallery plugin (image size or Lightbox type) are all there, others more advanced are nice, like :

  • Pre-loading, which prevents visitors from waiting for your photos to appear

  • Features designed for photographers: the advanced watermark tool, as well as the deactivation of the right click

  • Comments that can be activated in the galleries themselves
  • The ability to prevent gallery page indexing: an essential feature if you only publish your photos inside pages or articles, to avoid duplicate content so hated by SEO and Google
In terms of formatting, the free version already offers 3 possibilities: two sliders and a mosaic. You can also choose a light or dark theme.

Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery

So what does the Premium version add, you ask me? A lot of nice things though.

Note in particular the 4 additional layouts, which boost the gallery format, as well as the features related to social networks (import from Instagram, Likes counters on photos, social sharing buttons...).

Premium plugin price: from 30$ (about 2539Tk)

Justified Gallery

Justified Gallery free download

Justified Gallery

Now it's time for one of the good surprises of this ranking.

First of all, let's note that the Justified Gallery plugin is extremely light: it uses the native WordPress gallery, and only changes the default display style. Smart.

We also appreciate the preview of the different options in the settings, which allows you to quickly and easily create your photo galleries.

Admittedly, its functionalities are quite limited in the free version. But they will be enough if you want basic WordPress photo galleries, with a modern, justified, simple and clean design.

The only little something extra about the free version, compared to other extensions of this selection? The 2 effects on mouse hovering, which boost navigation in the gallery.

If you upgrade to a Pro version, you will be able to:

Customize the display in Lightbox
Choose other layouts
Speed up the loading time of your photos

Price of the Pro plugin: 19.99$/year (about 1692Tk/year)


FooGallery – Image Gallery WordPress Plugin

Our third plugin is impressive, just for the number of features available in the free version.

Here are some of the most significant:

6 different layouts, a wide choice for a free plugin
Extensive customization options: mouse hover, borders, margins, filter colors...
The generation of images optimized for Retina displays
The classification of images according to different criteria: date, alphabetical order, or even randomly

Note that, to open your images in a Lightbox, you will need to download the free FooBox add-on.

High five also for the practical Gutenberg block, as well as for the cache option available from the plugin settings for HTML and CSS. This allows you to empty them separately, reducing loading time.

In the Premium version, FooGallery may appeal to you for the infinite scrolling of the gallery, more advanced effects when you hover the mouse, or the ability to add videos to the gallery.

Premium plugin price: 49$ (about 4148Tk)

Everest Gallery

Responsive Media Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Everest Gallery Lite

With its colorful flat design interface, Every Gallery is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant plugins to build its WordPress photo galleries from our selection.

You can preview the rendering of your gallery directly in the settings: practical if you are running on the visual.

Certainly, the free version of the Everest Gallery only offers two layouts (grid and tiles). However, with the other features, you will be able to display your photos very cleanly, in a fairly personalized way, including by:

Defining the number of columns in your gallery
Choosing from 5 dynamic overflight effects
Adding clickable links and your social networks
Selecting one of the 5 different Lightbox themes

Simple, but effective, in short.

Note: At the time of writing this article, you can see that a message indicating that the extension is not updated is present. Despite everything, the delay is only 5 months. Which is not catastrophic, however.

Small price, but big ambitions: Everest Gallery, in its Premium version, offers many other layouts, hover effects, filters and additional configuration options.

Premium plugin price: 21$ (about 1777Tk)

PortFolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery – Image Gallery WordPress Plugin

Are you looking for a plugin that will allow you to create very simple WordPress photo galleries? So consider PortFolio Gallery.

With very few options available, you will focus on the basics: custom borders, shadows around gallery images, and the size of your images.

Interesting, from the free version: the possibility to create categories to dynamically filter gallery images. Useful when you have a lot of images to display.

Want to know more about the Premium version? You will find there:

Additional layouts, quite basic but nice
Lots of extra overflights and loading effects
Different Lightbox styles

Premium plugin price: 25$ (about 22€)

NextGEN Gallery

WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery

With NextGEN Gallery, we're obviously going to go for the heavyweight in the WordPress photo gallery: the plugin has more than 900,000 active installations and 25 million downloads to its credit!

Its free customization features are undeniably numerous. You can change:

The dimensions of the images
Clickable links
The image quality
Watermarks to be added
Ajax pagination
Displaying the title and descriptions

The automatic slide show with the transition...

Easy to integrate your galleries into your pages and articles with the dedicated Gutenberg block.

But beware, then: NextGEN Gallery can sometimes be a real gas plant, with a rather complex interface to understand.

Its intuitiveness leaves something to be desired, but it is undoubtedly the most complete extension of this list in Premium.

By paying for the extension, you will have access to social sharing buttons, various layouts, comments to add to galleries, Twitter Cards, and mouse hover options to display text.

If you have a precise idea of the gallery you want to create, if your budget allows it, and if you are not afraid of a somewhat barbaric interface, go for it.

Premium plugin price: 79$ (about 6688Tk)

Gmedia Photo Gallery

Gmedia Photo Gallery Wordpress plugin

Looking for a WordPress photo gallery with a large G? Let's see what Gmedia Photo Gallery has in store.

In terms of design, you can count on 5 models available from the free version.

At first glance rather complex, this plugin allows you to quickly access interesting photo sorting features. You can select and display them according to date, author, categories, labels... Very convenient, when you have to manage a large number of visuals;

In the Premium version, Gmedia Photo Gallery will give you access to many other gallery models, to be installed directly from the plugin settings.

We really like two Premium options in particular:

The ability to create and save gallery templates, 
   with predefined custom options

The plugin's iOS application, to create or edit galleries directly 
   on phones and tablets

These options will undoubtedly make the mouth water for those who often use photo galleries, such as photographers themselves or bloggers.

Premium plugin price: 29.99$ (about 2538Tk)

GT3 Gallery

The best WordPress photo gallery plugins (2019 edition)

Does your site run with Elementor or WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer)? You will appreciate GT3 Gallery, which has its dedicated module, integrated with these two-page builders.

Beyond that, in a modern and intuitive interface, we create quite unique WordPress photo galleries, starting with the free version:

Up to 9 columns are possible in the galleries
Different image ratios can be used
You can integrate videos into it

This plugin, like Justified Gallery, works with the native WordPress gallery: enough to ensure you a lightweight on the performance of your site.

In the Pro version, there are more page layouts, and Lazyloading ensures that your gallery experience is pleasant for visitors.

You can also disable the right click on your images, as well as customize the Lightbox format more finely.

Price of the Pro plugin: 29$ (about 2455Tk)

Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid

Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid

Here is another plugin that, in the free version, could suit you, as the available customization options are already interesting.

In Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid (ouf, hang on for the name), you will find for free:

Advanced customization: width of margins, image sizes, number of columns,                    customizable title and subtitle color
Different types of Lightboxes
Sharing icons on social networks

By upgrading to Premium, you can enter more advanced options.

But most importantly, you can automatically generate photo galleries from your featured images or your WooCommerce products. Rather interesting as a format, to offer a selection of key products or articles.

Premium plugin price: 19.99$ (about 1692Tk)

Modula Photo Gallery

Modula Image Gallery Wordpress Gallery plugin

With Modula Photo Gallery, it's easy to create your own WordPress photo gallery.

With just a few clicks, in a free version, you can manage:

The size of the images
The margin between them
The opening in a Lightbox
Displaying the title and description
The police of these texts...

Its Gutenberg block is really practical, and we particularly appreciate the display of the social network sharing when the mouse hovers over it (an option that many plugins do not offer in a free version).

By upgrading to the paid version, you will have access to many additional hover effects and layouts for more advanced customization. You can also integrate your videos into your galleries.

Finally, let us note its integration with WooCommerce, very useful when you want to display the products of your online store in a dynamic and original way.

Premium plugin price: from 29$ (About 2455Tk)

So, which WordPress photo gallery plugin to choose?

Do you have a classic WordPress photo gallery project? Based on the design that each of these plugins allows you to achieve, as well as their price, to make your choice.
If you are a photographer, we recommend Envira Gallery, to protect your photos via watermark and unable to click to save them

If you operate visually, choose Justified Gallery or Everest Gallery Lite, which has a preview option

If you have a WooCommerce store, and want to display a gallery of some of your products, choose Modula Photo Gallery or Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid.

Do you have any particularly cool WordPress photo galleries to show us? So show us all this in the comments; we read them all, always, always, promised!

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