How the gift voucher works on Amazon

Amazon is notoriously the largest and most popular e-commerce portal where it is easy to shop online and even save money, especially if you use  Amazon gift vouchers, but what are they and how do they work? The first thing to clarify is that Amazon vouchers can be "redeemed" personally or given away to others or get them for themselves, just as you can receive them from other users and redeem them by associating the voucher with your account. But let's proceed step by step to understand how to make the most of gift vouchers on Amazon.

What are?

How the gift voucher works on Amazon
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the so-called Amazon gift certificate is actually a kind of 
gift card or prepaid card - in various formats and denominations - associated with an alphanumeric code consisting of 14/15 characters which, once associated with the account or redeemed serves to load credit on account and be able to use that money to make purchases without using the default payment method.
The various gifts card formats are widely customizable and can be:
  • digital;
  • Printables;
  • in the form of greeting cards;
  • casket format.
While with regard to the "cuts", it starts from a minimum of 15 cents to a maximum of 200 €. An Amazon gift certificate can be:
  • redeemed when received as a gift by other people;
  • sent to third parties to make a gift;
  • purchased in person not to use the credit card balance linked to the account for the default payment.
It is not necessary or obligatory to spend the gift voucher in a single payment because if the balance is made with respect to the expenditure made, it is possible to consume it with subsequent expenses and if the residual sum of the voucher or the entire voucher were not sufficient to cover the cost for the 'purchase chosen, can be added to the payment method set.

How is it redeemed?

You can redeem an Amazon gift voucher either via your computer or through the special Amazon app for devices like tablets and smartphones, for the Android and iOS versions.
To redeem a gift voucher on Amazon from your computer, you need to log in to your account and log in. Once logged in, select "Gift Vouchers" on the top bar and click on " Add a Gift Voucher " (usually above to the right); inside the empty field under the heading " Enter the Gift Voucher Code " you enter the alphanumeric code linked to the gift voucher and by clicking on " Add to my account ", the game is done and the credit is immediately visible.
For those who want to redeem an Amazon gift certificate through the official app, download the app on their device and then open it by logging into their account. To enter the environment to redeem the voucher, touch the button with the three lines horizontally at the top left, select the " Gift Vouchers " item from the menu that opens, scroll the screen to " Have you already got a gift certificate?subsequent to choosing the thing, enter the 14/15 character code connected to the voucher in the unfilled field - or check the code utilizing the gadget's camera by choosing“ Scan good gift ” and finally press the “ Add to my account"And the credit will be added and updated.

How to gift a gift voucher on Amazon

To give a gift voucher to Amazon to a friend or relative or simply to make a self-gift, you can carry out the procedure - also in this case - both from the PC and via the app.
To give away an Amazon gift voucher from your computer, you need to log in to your account and log in, access the "Gift Vouchers" environment and select the "Amazon Vouchers to Gift" item. At this point you can choose the format:
  • digital to give a voucher to be sent via e-mail or messaging;
  • to print to give a voucher in .pdf format to print and deliver by hand;
  • greeting card to buy a "physical" voucher to send to the addressee at his address;
  • gift box to deliver the gift voucher in the same way as the greeting card in the form of a gift box.
Once the choice is made, you can select the style, design, colors or use the "category" function to select the types of interest or by searching through the "occasion" section (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.), setting the necessary filters.
Once the format and style have been defined, the gift voucher amount is selected - from a minimum of 15 cents to a maximum of € 200 - and to the delivery method - by e-mail, to be printed or delivered by courier. Finally, press the " Buy Now " button and proceed with the purchase of the voucher as a normal purchase procedure via Amazon:
  • if you opt for e-mail delivery, the voucher will be delivered directly to the recipient's mailbox indicated during the order (if it is a self-gift, you will have to indicate your e-mail address);
  • if you opt for delivery via messaging, a link will be sent to the number indicated to be shared with the person to give the Amazon gift voucher - either via WhatsApp, Facebook or Messenger to redeem the voucher.
  • If you opt for the purchase of a voucher to print, a greeting card or a gift box, at the end of the selection it will be necessary to press the " Add to cart " button and proceed with the standard purchase procedure, indicating the address at which to deliver the gift. In the case of the format to be printed, an e-mail will come with the gift code in pdf format, to be printed and sent by hand, while for the option of greeting card and box, the shipment will be made by courier to the address of delivery indicated (for the self-gift, you will have to indicate your address).
If, on the other hand, you wish to give away an Amazon gift certificate through the App, you must perform the same steps, with slight variations compared to the computer, and then, accessing your account, from the button with the three horizontal lines you select the item "Gift Certificates" and in the next screen you proceed to the choice of the gift, the amount, the styling and the format that can be by e-mail, to print greeting card, box or Originals, this last item that cannot be selected in the PC version allows to make further format choices such as, for example, package, bookmark and other variants, in fact, original. For payment and delivery methods, the steps are the same as for the computer. Even though the app, you can make a self-gift.

Validity and duration 

An Amazon gift certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of issue and can also be used on localized versions of Amazon, for example, Amazon UK, Germany and so on.
An Amazon gift certificate cannot, however, be used to purchase other vouchers and cannot be reloaded or converted into cash, nor can it be resold or transferred to another account.
For more information, see the Amazon support page.

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