Want to quick Approve Google Adsense Account? You Need to Read This First

Hello friends, Today's topic is going to share very important information about how to apply to Google Adsense. Which appraisals should be taken into account to approve if you do so, you will get Google Adsense approval soon.

Want to quick Approve Google Adsense Account? You Need to Read This First
How to quick approve Google Adsense 

This post will remove all your problems which will be relayed from Google AdSense. You might think about AdSense, I also had a Google Adsense account. How it is achieved and what are the requirements for it. For Bangladesh, India and Pakistan and other countries, today I will get you all in this post, all of your confusion will end.

In Bangladesh, you know that its policy has become very strong. If you do not know about that then let me tell you.

So in this post, I will tell you how you can get an account of Google Adsense And if you want to do what you need for it and how you can fulfill it. I do not do Google's job or it does not work, just after studying the information I got, I am sharing it with you. If you want, you can also go online about Google Adsense online.

I got an account on the first Blogspot, I applied myself to the blog in 2010 And I just 12 posts in my blog. But now it does not happen that you have to post a lot of posts And you have also take a custom domain that should be of top-level and I will tell you about it.

To get a Google Adsense Account, you have a top-level Domain name it's important to stay.

As an example, you will need such a domain Www.youtube.com or .in /.org Etc.

Google AdSense Policy You Need to Read You can click here to read and study the Google AdSense policy for you.

Then you write some good articles on your blog When you write an article, then design your blog or say it will be able to customize it completely and make it mobile-friendly. And the navigation bar is simple and clean, which is good for visitors. And it is very important that your blog is fast loading and when your visitors open your blog, they are easy to open I mean open up soon when your blog will give your site to Google's Expert Engineer So check it fully on your website.

Look at everything that is closely and what content you have taken from saying that an image is a copyright or not. After you are told by email, whether you will have an AdSense Account Approved If not, then no key will be given to you by email And at the website you have, you will work at least 6 months to work on your website.

I think it is very important to have 50-70 articles submitting at least 400 - 500 words in these 6 columns. If your word is not 400 -500 then it can be rejected. I would say that you use at least 1000 words when you submit an article then it should not be copyright from any other website or blog. They should be separate and original articles.

And one thing that is very important and important, you can add a privacy policy page to your website. After this, if you add pages to more contact in contact, it will be very good for you to get approval.

You do this by posting so that your visitor can benefit and if your visitor learns something new, it would be great And anytime you do not want to wrongly increase traffic to your website or blog, you have to break the policy of Google Adsense And you can also do this work too expensive and Google Adsense can also suspend or deactivate the account. I told you this so that. A lot of people engage in a simple social network and share links to their blogs or website or YouTube. And say, click on my site. It's all wrong. And do the clean work and it will be better for you and this will be right.

You will work hard on the SEO and you will find out that at least 100-150 visitors on your site or blog will be coming daily from Google. And your blog or website will search in Google.

Friends, when you work this way, then you must apply your blog or website to Google Adsense Account. If you have done this within 2 months, you can apply Google Adsense Account through YouTube.

So friends can be so much in today's post that you have understood that you have to do it to get the Google AdSense Account Approval and how to do it is the requires done.

If you have any problem, you can comment and I will answer your question.

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